Coach Julien


Julien has been lifting seriously for over 8 years and vegan for 5. Julien has a passion for training for strength while maintaining a lean body composition and recently hit his best lifts ever with a 385 lb bench press and 500 lb squat at only 205 lbs bodyweight and plans to enter his first powerlifting meet shortly.

Julien got into lifting seriously after being sick and tired of being skinny his whole life. He went vegetarian about a year into lifting and then vegan two years in after witnessing herds of malnourished cattle that would be going to slaughter while traveling. Despite being slightly concerned about having difficulty building muscle and strength on a plant based diet, Julien knew his morals aligned with veganism and was willing to give it a shot.

Fast forward years later and Julien has put on slabs of muscle while getting absurdly strong in the process! Julien now has a passion for helping others reach their full potential on a plant based diet.