Head Coach Ryan


Ryan is the founder of Aethix and head coach – with over 6 years of coaching experience and a goal of helping as many people as possible reach their fitness goals on a plant based diet. Ryan has been lifting seriously for over 15 years, competing for over half of that. Ryan has also been vegan for 8 years and meat-free for 12.

Ryan got into lifting to bulk up after getting fed up with being so skinny. After the initial novice progress, Ryan plateaued for years and was sure he just had unfortunate genetics for muscle building. Ryan has always been too stubborn to give up though and turned to educating himself on the science of strength and hypertrophy. Ryan also went plant based during this time and through employing proper nutrition and training methods for years after, managed to increase his lift numbers and body composition exponentially.

Ryan now has a massive passion for spreading the knowledge and applications to help others following or interested in a plant based diet to reach their goals