Adrian Lozano

Adrian Transformation

Ryan helped me build a foundation for fitness that forever changed the way I looked at it. He educated me on how to count macros, built a workout routine and how to effectively work out. He was thorough with the details and if I had any questions, he did not hesitate to answer. This was during the pandemic and I had very little equipment to work with. He was able to come up with creative and fun exercises. He’s very knowledgeable in the world of fitness, I was really impressed. We had weekly check ins and he provided encouragement along the way. As someone who was coming with an injury, he was mindful of that and helped me work around it. As a vegan body builder, he’s not only compassionate for animals but for people as well. He’s a great guy and I highly recommend working with him to meet your fitness goals. At the end of his program I put on muscle, lost fat and gained confidence in myself.