Looking to get in the best shape of your life on a plant based diet? You've come to the right place!

AETHIX One-On-One Coaching Services
Online and In-Person

Why AETHIX Coaching?

Aethix Coaching is a service dedicated to helping individuals following a plant based diet, or interested in transitioning to one, to reach their physical goals! Whether it be losing body fat, gaining mass, building strength, prepping for a competition or improving performance for your sport, we got you covered!

Our coaches all practice what they preach by following a plant based diet, competing in powerlifting, bodybuilding and/or other sports and keeping up with the latest science-backed evidence regarding training and plant based nutrition for athletes to help you obtain your goals as effectively as possible!


What makes AETHIX one-on-one coaching so effective?


EMPHASIS ON Communication

We believe that communication is key for proper teamwork on everything in life! We put an increased emphasis on check-in’s, feedback, and limit the amount of clients we take on to make sure you get the attention you deserve to reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible!


expert nutritional guidance

Our coaches are masters with utilizing proper plant based nutrition for building muscle, strength, endurance and optimizing body composition. We dial in your calorie and macro targets along with micronutrient intakes to get you optimized for progress and well-being.


Mindset development

Having a determined, motivated and committed mindset is key for reaching any goal – especially fitness related. Our coaches work with you to develop and ingrain optimal mentality while still maintaining a healthy life balance.


evidence based programming

Properly designed training program is essential to optimize your progress and there are countless coaches and trainers who surprisingly don’t understand highly effective practices. We pride ourselves with staying ahead on the scientific evidence for most effective training methods for efficient results.


Personalized for your goals & Needs

We work closely with you based on your training history, level of progress, goals, body composition, pre-existing injuries and preferences to customize your training and nutrition goals with efficiency and longevity in mind. Every single plan is built from scratch after plenty of communication!



Seeing you reach your goals is what fuels us. Take a look at the testimonies below for our track record of helping our clients build muscle and strength quickly and improve their body on a plant based diet!

About the Coaches


head coach ryan

Ryan is the founder of Aethix and head coach – with over 6 years of coaching experience and a goal of helping as many people as possible reach their fitness goals on a plant based diet. Ryan has been lifting seriously for over 15 years, competing for over half of that. Ryan has also been vegan for 8 years and meat-free for 12.

Ryan got into lifting to bulk up after getting fed up with being so skinny. After the initial novice progress, Ryan plateaued for years and was sure he just had unfortunate genetics for muscle building. Ryan has always been too stubborn to give up though and turned to educating himself on the science of strength and hypertrophy. Ryan also went plant based during this time and through employing proper nutrition and training methods for years after, managed to increase his lift numbers and body composition exponentially.

Ryan now has a massive passion for spreading the knowledge and applications to help others following or interested in a plant based diet to reach their goals

Coach Julien

Julien has been lifting seriously for over 8 years and vegan for 5. Julien has a passion for training for strength while maintaining a lean body composition and recently hit his best lifts ever with a 385 lb bench press and 500 lb squat at only 205 lbs bodyweight and plans to enter his first powerlifting meet shortly.

Julien got into lifting seriously after being sick and tired of being skinny his whole life. He went vegetarian about a year into lifting and then vegan two years in after witnessing herds of malnourished cattle that would be going to slaughter while traveling. Despite being slightly concerned about having difficulty building muscle and strength on a plant based diet, Julien knew his morals aligned with veganism and was willing to give it a shot.

Fast forward years later and Julien has put on slabs of muscle while getting absurdly strong in the process! Julien now has a passion for helping others reach their full potential on a plant based diet.



Eddie has been competing in powerlifting for over a decade now and has been vegan for about the same amount of time. Eddie has competed in over 10 meets with his best numbers including a 557 Lb squat, 308 Lb bench press and 535 Lb deadlift. He’s also trained for several half marathons and other sports, some of which simultaneously, where he has had to periodize his training intelligently for both as a hybrid athlete.

Eddie also works as a physical education teacher and has a passion for spreading the knowledge of health and fitness every way he can!

Coach Lance

Lance is a vegan bodybuilder who’s competed in over 4 competitions in several federations including the NPC with competitive placing. Lance has been vegan for over 10 years, lifting for over 12, and is constantly aiming to push his body even further naturally on a plant based diet.

Lance also works as a teacher and has a passion to help others grow to their full potential.


AETHIX One-On-One Coaching Package Options

Complete Coaching Services

Complete Online Coaching

  • Customized, on-going, resistance training program tailored to your specific goals and needs
  • Exercise form checks 
  • Flexible dieting plan included (Strict Meal Plan must be bought separately), monitored and adjusted as needed for body composition goals
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Unlimited, 24/7 email/messaging contact with coach
  • Cardio/conditioning routines as needed
  • Warm up/mobility protocol as needed
  • Weekly progress reviews and analysis
  • 20% off In-Person Coaching sessions

$650/6 months


In-person Coaching

  • 1 hour long in-person sessions from head coach Ryan’s home gym in Ridgewood, Queens. Training from other gyms also included if trainee covers cost of day pass and commute time
  • Gym includes squat rack, power bars, SSB bar, cambered swiss bar, trap bar, pull up bar, dip station, bands, chains, and adjustable dumbbells from 10-90 lbs each
  • Help to dial in and master form, RPE/RIR targets and walk through a full workout together.
  • First time clients get one FREE session included with their first in-person session purchase.
  • Online coaching clients get 20% off in-person sessions

$950/10 sessions

Meal Plan Service

Plant Based Strict Meal Plan

  • Customized 3, 5 or 7 day strict meal plan tailored to your specific goals, needs and palate and 100% vegan
  • Supplement 
  • (Optional with added on-going nutrition coaching for $50/month) Monitored and adjusted to help you continue to reach your ideal body composition
  • (Optional with added on-going nutrition coaching for $50/month) Unlimited, 24/7 email/messaging contact with coach
  • (Optional with added on-going nutrition coaching for $50/month) Weekly progress reviews and analysis
  • Can be added on to Complete Coaching Package for training coaching
$300 for 3 day/week plan
$400 for 5 day/week plan
$500 for 7 day/week plan
$50/month additional for on-going nutrition-only coaching, this includes calorie/macro updates to meal plan
Custom Plans

Custom Training Program (No Coach)

  • Customized 12 week resistance training program tailored to your specific goals and needs and/or customized 3, 5, or 7 day strict meal plan

$250 one time fee (Does not include any on-going coaching)

AETHIX One-On-One Coaching Services

What people are saying about AETHIX coaching services

I’m a trainer and I was looking for someone to help me “Up my game”. I had very specific goals to accomplish and Ryan has helped me get there! I reached out to him 7 months ago and he was helpful, informative and encouraging. He took the time to listen to my goals and knew exactly what to do! He is very responsive ( VERY hard to find in an online coach!! ) I alway feel taken care of, and he is very knowledgeable. He walked me through step by step every month. Always pushing me to reach for more goals. While respecting when I need rest, or I’m concerned with certain exercises feeling tough on some joints. He offers modifications if needed but still pushes you enough. He knows you can do more and will ask that of you! He customized my workouts to fit my wants, needs, and specific goals. You can tell he cares and does this because he loves helping his clients! He helped make it a slow transition from my style of workouts, to more optimal style that would suit my new goals. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone new to working out learning to gain knowledge, or anyone who is a seasoned bodybuilder! He will make sure you hit your goals and always be there to answer your questions! I’ve valued the knowledge I’ve learned and I’m excited to keep learning more! ​
Ashley King
Ryan helped me build a foundation for fitness that forever changed the way I looked at it. He educated me on how to count macros, built a workout routine and how to effectively work out. He was thorough with the details and if I had any questions, he did not hesitate to answer. This was during the pandemic and I had very little equipment to work with. He was able to come up with creative and fun exercises. He’s very knowledgeable in the world of fitness, I was really impressed. We had weekly check ins and he provided encouragement along the way. As someone who was coming with an injury, he was mindful of that and helped me work around it. As a vegan body builder, he’s not only compassionate for animals but for people as well. He’s a great guy and I highly recommend working with him to meet your fitness goals. At the end of his program I put on muscle, lost fat and gained confidence in myself.
Adrian Lozano
Adrian Transformation
I started working with Ryan after changing to a vegan lifestyle. I needed to learn the ins and outs of my new approach to nutrition and he helped me understand the ease of changing protein sources from animals to plants. I have been working out for 20 years and Ryan introduced me to a new style of training that I had not tried before. He helped me perfect my form and worked slowly to increase the weight of my lifts as I was worried about hurting myself with the new style of training. Ryan listened to my concerns and worked closely with me and I am happy to say I am at my highest level of physical fitness that I have ever been and I am 40! Not only has my physique changed with a lot of muscle growth, but my strength has increased too! Ryan is knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive. He loves working with people and challenging them to be their best.
Curtis Fowlie


We’re also happy to work with individuals who are interested in transitioning to a plant based diet. We do not include any animal products on any meal plans or for any recommendations.

The more, the merrier! If you have access to a full gym, that is definitely preferred but we can also work with a limited amount of equipment, as needed.

If you’re completely or mostly untrained or have never ran an effective resistance training based program before, then results will come quickly! Noticeable progress will be made in as little as a few months.

For more experienced trainees, results are naturally slower and linked to the amount of time the individual has followed effective training practices for previously. The larger the goal also, the longer it will take!

Aethix coaches utilize the most effective training practices but regardless, the body can only realize so much muscle and strength progress at a time. We recommend coming into the training with a patient mindset as a more experience trainee especially, since we will have to work closely to dial in what works specifically well for you as an individual.

We organize training into “blocks” that usually consist of 4 weeks at a time, but may fluctuate. After working closely together to define the needs for the upcoming block(s), the coach will update the app with the workouts. The trainee will log their numbers and record their sets in the app so the coach can closely follow along and update, as needed.

Nutrition info will also be included on the app and adjusted to guide the trainee to their goals.

In-Person coaching is only available in Ridgewood, NYC out of Head Coach Ryan’s home gym. If your gym provides day passes, the in-person sessions can also be conducted there with the addition of day pass and commute time added. Sessions are 1 to 1.5 hour(s) long and may be booked in advance via the calendar booking app.

Yes and the rates are listed above for custom plant based meal plan design.

However, we highly recommend working towards a healthy, flexible eating approach that utilizes using a food scale and calorie counting app to help reach your goals. It’s an extremely effective tool that also eliminates variables while simultaneously allowing for a more sustainable approach to eating. A custom meal plan can be a good temporary tool especially for certain individuals though!

Absolutely! Some of our favorite clients to work with are eager beginners! We do highly recommend considering some in-person coaching sessions for form checks for beginners especially if it’s an option, but we can absolutely dial in form remotely, also.

Of course! Our coaches have experience with competing in bodybuilding, powerlifting and other endeavors at a high level and we can match you with the right coach to help you progress even further. Experienced athletes will often require more hands-on attention and experimentation with slightly different training methods to find what works best for them. Progress is also obviously slower as a trained individual so it helps to come in with a patient and open mindset – although we will absolutely take in to account and utilize your personal experiences and preferences, also!

Our coaches have competed in high levels in bodybuilding, powerlifting and other endeavors and have helped many clients following a plant based diet reach their goals. We consistently keep up to date with the research on effective training practices and plant based nutrition and utilize them in our coaching. We also absolutely love the vegan community, helping fellow plant based lifters reach their goals and we genuinely care about each and every client we work with!

We offer month by month payments as well as 6 month prepayments for on-going coaching. There are no official contracts as the 6 month coaching package requires an upfront payment. For in-person coaching and other options, packages are also purchased in advance with no contract.

Our coaches are available to communicate with at all times via text and email! We actively limit how many clients we take on to make sure we give you the attention you need but we also might not be able to respond ASAP at all times, of course. Scheduled weekly check-in’s are recommended, additionally.

Fill out the coaching questionnaire linked below and we’ll reach out to you to follow up and schedule a Zoom chat to answer any further questions and see if we’re a good match!

AETHIX One-On-One Coaching Services