THE AETHIX APPROACH – Ep 10 – DYLAN RAMONE on MMA/BJJ as a Vegan, Activism, Mental Health & More!

THE AETHIX APPROACH – Ep 10 – DYLAN RAMONE on MMA/BJJ as a Vegan, Activism, Mental Health & More!

In today’s episode, I speak with Dylan Ramone, a competitive MMA fighter, grappler and fitness enthusiast who’s been vegan for over ten years now. Dylan is also a high school teacher, an entrepreneur, a lifelong musician, an activist, and an advocate for mental health. Dylan and I speak about his experience training and fighting competitively through his MMA career, his new shift in mindset towards the future, being vegan for 10 plus years, working as a high school teacher, his experience with animal rights activism and so much more. Dylan is a unique blend with being an extremely compassionate, caring individual and an all around, absolute badass and it shows in our conversation. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed chatting with him!

You can find Dylan at @dylan.ramone on Instagram and check out his business at or @helloflashy on IG. Also, check out In Vegan Veritas at

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00:00 – Intro to Aethix Approach Episode
01:18 – Episode start
01:40 – Who is Dylan Ramone?
04:45 – What got you into veganism?
07:15 – Vegan activism – attending first pig save
11:15 – Giving back to others, being positive, making good decisions and leading by example
15:15 – Supporting positive mental health for others and yourself
17:30 – Balance in life
19:30 – Meditation for mental health
21:45 – How has MMA effected anxiety, either positive or negative, in general life?
25:00 – What led you towards getting into MMA and early MMA career
28:30 – Switching over to grappling/BJJ from MMA
31:00 – Competing seriously in combat sports
32:00 – Fighting and stress/anxiety and how to channel it
34:00 – Being involved in MMA/fitness and how others involved respond to you being vegan
35:30 – Switching away from MMA towards grappling for good? Last fight? Competing in MMA in 30’s+
38:30 – Injuries in combat sports and how they can effect life
40:15 – Being a badass and a compassionate person at the same time
41:15 – Punk rock and veganism, did it get you into veganism? Punk scene
46:45 – What instrument do you play? What kind of other music are you into?
48:00 – What’s your diet like now vs how it was in the beginning? Any mistakes in the beginning?
53:00 – In Vegan Veritas merch and vegan donuts
55:00 – Vegan community
59:30 – Dylan’s business Hello Flashy
1:01:30 – Where can people find you and your business online?
1:02:45 – Outro

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