The Aethix Approach – Ep 13 – LANCE JAMES on Vegan Bodybuilding, Tracking Macros & Toxic Veganism

The Aethix Approach Ep 13

In this episode, vegan bodybuilder Lance James and I chat about what drew him to competitive bodybuilding, how his training programming and philosophies have developed over the years, body dysmorphia in bodybuilding and how his plant based diet has affected his results in the gym. We also discuss our reasons for being vegan and our personal forms of activism as well as issues with the online vegan community and how veganism is sometimes portrayed on social media. As someone who’s been vegan for over a decade, Lance has a lot of great input on the subject and I found myself personally resonating with just about everything he had to say about both veganism and lifting during our conversation. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed our chat!

You can find Lance at @sirlanceawholelot

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00:00 – Intro to Aethix Approach Episode
0:45 – Episode overview
1:35 – Episode start
2:00 – Lance intro
2:30 – What lead Lance to bodybuilding?
5:20 – Dieting for bodybuilding
9:00 – Counting calories/macros
13:00 – Getting into lifting
15:30 – Dreamer bulk as a beginner
18:30 – Body dysmorphia in bodybuilding
19:30 – How has training changed over the years?
23:00 – Balancing recovery to progress
24:45 – Progression model in training
25:30 – Deloads, caffeine, NYC/Texas vegan food, travel
31:00 – How does training and diet change closer to competition?
33:45 – Individual differences for caloric intake/appetite
36:45 – Individual differences when performing squats
39:00 – Bad form in the gym
40:15 – When/why did you go vegan and how you approached it?
45:45 – Why did I go vegan?
52:00 – Average day of eating?
55:30 – Refeeds on a cut
58:00 – Toxic veganism – what could be improved with the online vegan community
1:00:30 – Exploiting veganism for the clout
1:05:45 – Vegan protein deficient joke
1:07:30 – Macro intakes for vegans
1:10:30 – Where can people find you on social media?
1:13:15 – Episode outro

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