The Aethix Approach – S2 Ep8 – VEGAN HOT ONES CHALLENGE with EDDIE BAUMGARTNER – Controversial Vegan Topics Edition! Thoughts on Cell Based Meat, Eating Honey, Backyard Eggs, Dating Non-Vegans & More!

TAA-S02Ep08 – VEGAN HOT ONES CHALLENGE with EDDIE BAUMGARTNER -Controversial Vegan Topics Edition! Thoughts on Cell Based Meat, Eating Honey, Backyard Eggs, Dating Non-Vegans & More!

So this episode is going to be a bit of departure from what we’ve done before on the podcast but I think it’s a lot of fun. Eddie Baumgartner, a vegan powerlifter who was on the podcast in season 1, joins me again for this one but instead of the normal interview style that we’ve done before – we actually did a version of the hot ones challenge for this one.

For those who aren’t familiar, the hot ones challenge is a challenge where celebrities are asked 10 questions and they eat a buffalo wing that gets increasingly hotter for each question – as the questions also get more heated. Eddie and I, two of your favorite celebrities, of course, did our vegan take on this. We both had a plate of five Gardein Ultimate tenders, which – side note – if you haven’t had yet, are absolutely delicious, and we picked 5 hot sauces that increase in scoville rating from 1,700 to apparently, possibly over 2.5 MILLION, although not OFFICIALLY confirmed. Needless to say, Eddie and I were goin’ through it here.

After coating each tender in sauce, we went back and forth and asked each other an increasingly more complex question following the theme of controversial vegan opinions. So in our flustered, adrenaline fueled state post-bite, we’d have to answer our opinion on a controversial vegan topic which I think you guys will find very entertaining. To make things worse, we also didn’t allow ourselves any water, almond milk, or WHATEVER during the whole length of the challenge.

This is one that I recommend watching in video form but if not, the audio recording alone is pretty damn entertaining, I’d say.

You can find Eddie at @eddie.baumgartner on Instagram and YouTube and @theagentbaum on Twitch. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy our oncoming ridiculousness and suffering!

00:00 – Intro to Podcast
00:40 – Intro to Eddie Baumgartner and Hot Ones Challenge
2:55 – Podcast episode start and intro to the hot sauces
5:30 – Our approach to the challenge and Gardein Ultimate Tenders
10:15 – Round One – Classic
12:00 – Ryan’s question – Opinion on honey? Eddie’s answer
14:30 – Ryan’s answer
15:45 – Eddie’s question – What is one food we miss after going vegan? Ryan’s answer
16:45 – Eddie’s answer
18:10 – Ryan’s thoughts on taste of meat
19:55 – Round two – Los Calientes Barbocoa
21:30 – Ryan’s question – opinion on cell based/lab grown meat? Eddie’s answer
23:30 – Ryan’s answer
25:45 – Eddie accidentally ate meat years ago, animal based protein vs plant based experiment
28:10 – Non-dairy identical milk protein produced by microbes, vegan icecreams
30:45 – Eddie’s getting lean, his macros
32:15 – Eddie’s question – what are your favorite high question, vegan snacks? Ryan’s answer
34:45 – Eddie’s answer, more options from Ryan and Eddie
38:55 – Round three – Unique Garlique (gettin’ pretty spicy!)
41:15 – Ryan’s question – Opinion on backyard eggs? Eddie’s answer
43:00 – Ryan’s answer
44:45 – Eddie’s answer addition
46:15 – Eddie’s question – how has going vegan impacted relationships with friends and family? Ryan’s answer
50:00 – Eddie’s answer
52:40 – Round Four – Kranked Hellfire
55:30 – Ryan’s question – Would you ever date a nonvegan? Eddie’s answer
56:45 – Ryan’s answer
58:45 – Eddie’s question – What would we do if accidentally getting meat/dairy/eggs in a dish while traveling and eating out, Ryan’s answer
1:02:15 – Eddie’s answer
1:04:00 – Round Five – The Last Dab
1:07:45 – Ryan’s question – Eat bugs or cow milk? Eddie’s answer
1:09:00 – Ryan’s answer
1:10:45 – Centipede or cow’s milk?
1:12:00 – Live seafood eating videos
1:14:15 – Coated with ALL hot sauces for last question – Eddie’s question – Why are we vegan? 1:18:00 – Ryan’s answer
1:18:45 – Eddie’s answer
1:19:45 – Finally drinking water
1:20:15 – Our opinions on answering these questions while our mouth is burning
1:22:15 – Wrapping it up, where can we be found on social media?
1:24:30 – Episode outro

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