THE AETHIX APPROACH – Ep 9 – ADRIAN LOZANO on Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Self Doubt

TAA Episode 9
THE AETHIX APPROACH Episode 9 – Adrian Lozano on Ocercoming Anxiety, Depression and Self Doubt

In this episode, I speak with Adrian Lozano, a California based vegan life coach and yogi, who helps others transform their life through mindfulness practices. Adrian himself has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past which caused him to seek his own journey of self improvement. Through exercise, yoga, diet, meditation, positive thinking and therapy, Adrian was able to completely transform himself over time into the happy and positive person he is today. Adrian continues his pursuit of personal growth and development and has a passion for helping others undergo the same transformation that he himself has, and continues, to undergo. Adrian is a very upbeat, kind, open minded person and I learned a lot from our conversation. It was a pleasure speaking with him and I hope you enjoy the chat!

You can find Adrian’s life coaching services at and on Instagram at @lozano.flows.

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00:00 – Intro to Aethix Approach Episode
01:20 – Episode start
01:50 – Who is Adrian Lozano?
03:45 – How did you get into self-improvement practices?
05:20 – Vipassana meditation and the present moment
07:45 – What helped with your anxiety?
10:30 – What got you into yoga?
13:15 – Meditation retreats
14:45 – How did you get into fitness and lifting? TMJ injury
18:00 – What caused depression and anxiety to get so bad when younger?
18:50 – What caused you to go vegan? What to do for vegan anniversary in LA during COVID
21:45 – Therapy for anxiety and depression, cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy
30:45 – Are you reading any books right now?
31:30 – Pursuing what you love
35:15 – Homeworkouts vs the gym
37:00 – Comparing yourself now to how you were and self-love
38:45 – What was the first step towards self-love
42:00 – What are your tips for people who are currently dealing with depression and anxiety
44:15 – How does self-love tie into veganism?
46:45 – Transitioning to plant based diet and animal products vs vegan alternatives
48:45 – Where can people find your life coaching services?
50:35 – Where can people find you on social media?
53:15 – Anything to say in closing?

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