The Aethix Approach – Ep 16 – TOM SIMAK on endurance training on plant based diet, soy and testosterone, Goggins 4x4x48 challenge, climate change

The Aethix Approach – Ep 16 – TOM SIMAK on endurance training on plant based diet, soy and testosterone, Goggins 4x4x48 challenge, climate change

In this episode, I speak with Tom Simak, a plant based endurance athlete and content creator from Queensland, Australia. Actually, this episode with Tom was originally recorded at the end of July, 2021, but life got pretty crazy for me shortly after so I’m only releasing the full episode now in October, 2021. My apologies to Tom and you listeners out there for the huge delay!

Back to the overview – Tom has completed some crazy endurance feats including the Goggin’s 4x4x48 challenge which consists of running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 total hours. Yes, you read that right and it’s exactly as crazy as it sounds. 48 total miles in 48 hours allowing basically no time for any decent sleep. Tom and I discuss the physical and mental stress such an extreme challenge had on his body as well as his other athletic feats, what he eats as a plant based athlete, the state of the environment and climate change and how we can contribute to bettering the world. Tom also hosts an awesome podcast called The Plant Paradigm so I highly recommend checking that out if you haven’t already…

On a side note – this episode will be concluding season one of the Aethix Approach podcast but I’ll be back in Spring of 2022 with a ton of fresh content for your listening pleasure. Thanks so much for following along so far and I hope you enjoy episode 16!

00:00 – Intro to Aethix Approach Episode
0:45 – Episode overview
2:15 – Episode start
3:00 – Where Tom lives, what the Gold Coast is like in Queensland, Australia, fitness cultures in the US and Australia 10:00 – Why was Tom drawn to endurance training?
14:00 – Preventing injuries from running
23:45 – Tom’s personal workout schedule and current goals
29:45 – My approach to cardio as a lifter and for health, recommendations
34:30 – Eating out and processed foods leading to weight gain, healthy eating approaches
41:00 – What is Tom’s diet like?
44:00 – Comparing different plant based milks, phytoestrogen intake and testosterone
48:00 – Plant based athletes in the olympics, vegan athletes
52:00 – Tom and the 4x4x48 David Goggins challenge – Approaches towards advocating veganism
1:03:45 – 4x4x48 challenge vs running a marathon
1:08:30 – Current state of the environment and what we can do to help, how diet choices effect environment
1:20:00 – Still having a positive outlook on the future, plant based food options growing, how many vegans and flexitarians in the world
1:25:15 – Issues with the media
1:27:30 – Tom’s closing words
1:30:00 – Where can Tom’s content be found on social media?
1:32:00 – Episode outro

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