The Aethix Approach – S02Ep09 – MAXIME SIGOUIN on Overcoming Struggles with Fitness, Business Mentors, Coaching & More

TAA S02Ep09 – MAXIME SIGOUIN on Overcoming Struggles with Fitness, Business Mentors, Coaching & More

In this episode, I’m joined by plant based body recomposition coach Maxime Sigouin who runs the fit vegan coaching program.

Maxime has a very interesting life story about what led him to pursue fitness coaching and a plant based diet. As he shares in this episode, he’s experienced a lot in his life so far including caring for his partner who was going through cancer treatments, training seriously for cycling and ironman and using that as a form of fundraising for cancer patients, working as a high fashion model, pursuing natural bodybuilding, working with a mentor who is quite famous in the YouTube fitness industry and eventually starting his own business endeavors to help others get in their best shape on a plant based diet. I particularly found his story about why he adopted a plant based to be very interesting and contrarian to why most people initially do.

All of Maxime’s social media accounts and services can be found on his fitness coaching website at if you’re interested in connecting and thanks again to Maxime for coming on and being so transparent with everything!

I hope you enjoy this episode and without further ado, on with the show!

00:00 – Intro to Podcast
00:40 – Intro to Maxime
1:50 – Podcast episode start and intro
3:15 – What got Maxime into fitness? Has Maxime always been an athlete?
4:15 – Maxime bulked up from 160/170 to 240 in 8-9 months in high school
6:45 – What got Maxime into bodybuilding?
7:30 – How extreme dieting effects relationship with food and cravings
9:30 – What came after bodybuilding for Maxime? Ironman/cycling and high fashion modeling
12:00 – Using fitness to deal with life stress, Maxime raising money for cancer treatments with cycling and ironman training
14:30 – What got Maxime into fitness coaching?
16:45 – Working with a business mentor, starting a business with no money and debt
19:15 – Recommendations for finding a good mentor
23:30 – Working with a team and not trying to do everything yourself
25:30 – Maxime switched to a plant based diet to lose MUSCLE
29:30 – Why did Maxime stay on a plant based diet?
32:00 – What an average day of eating looks like for Maxime?
34:00 – Maxime’s opinion on caffeine
37:15 – How Maxime’s team constructs programs for clients
40:15 – Advice to people who want to go plant based and be fit
42:00 – The importance of working with a coach
45:30 – Personal goals for Maxime
48:00 – Where can people connect with Maxime and check out his services?
48:30 – Last words from Maxime – Take action!
49:55 – Episode outro

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