The Aethix Approach – S2 Ep7 – ROBERT CHEEKE on Vegan Athletes, Evolution of Plant Based Alternatives, the Future of Plant Based Foods and More!

TAA S02Ep07 – ROBERT CHEEKE on Vegan Athletes, Evolution of Plant Based Alternatives, the Future of Plant Based Foods and More!

In this episode, I’m joined by none other than Robert Cheeke, the godfather of vegan bodybuilding, activist, motivational speaker, founder of, and best selling author. Robert was the first person I personally ever heard of competing in bodybuilding as a natural athlete on a completely plant based diet and he has done SO much over the years to promote veganism and eating a healthy, sustainable plant based diet.

Robert won the title of INBA Northwestern USA Natural Bodybuilding Overall Novice Champion in 2005, placed competitively in the 2006 Natural Bodybuilding World Championships and won his class in the 2009 Northwestern USA Natural Bodybuilding Championships.

Robert has written several books including the New York Times Best Seller “The Plant Based Athlete” published in 2021, “Plant Based Muscle” in 2017, “Shred It” in 2014, and “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” in 2010.

During our chat, Robert walks us through his early life and reasons for going vegan, how he bulked up over 100 lbs on a plant based diet, the reasons people should want to go vegan, tips on getting the most out of your plant based diet as an athlete, his favorite meals and restaurants and TONS more.

Robert is very knowledgeable, experienced and well-spoken which makes him an exceptional advocate for veganism and a big inspiration for me personally when I first decided to go vegan in early 2016 and to this day. Make sure to check him out at @robert.cheeke or @veganbodybuildingandfitness on Instagram or pick up one of his books! I absolutely LOVED the discussion we had and I’m sure you will too so without further ado, on with the show!

00:00 – Intro to Podcast
00:40 – Intro to Robert Cheeke
2:15 – Podcast episode start
2:45 – Quick intro to Robert Cheeke
4:00 – What drew Robert to going vegan?
6:20 – What were Robert’s first impressions of going vegan back then?
11:30 – Robert was always vegan for the animals first and foremost
14:00 – Leading by example with performance and athletic endeavors
17:40 – Veganism is still a new movement
20:15 – Top level athletes excelling on plant based diet
26:00 – Vegan alternatives in the 90’s vs now and how Robert’s diet changed
29:45 – The green premium and how that effects vegan alternatives
33:15 – Chains adopting plant based food options and how more people will adopt plant based eating
38:00 – Cell based meat adoption
43:50 – The inefficiency of meat
48:30 – More people are adopting plant based alternatives
51:30 – Do people understand how unethical animal agriculture is? Do they care, if so? Why the vegan hate?
1:00:30 – Why do most people eat what they eat? How to get more people to eat more ethical options
1:07:30 – Advice for people who want to go vegan?
1:16:15 – Raw vegan diet
1:18:30 – Incorporating some less healthy food options
1:20:45 – Where can Robert be found on social media?
1:24:15 – Episode outro

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