Ep.6 – The Aethix Approach – Ep 6 – Interview with 72KG Vegan Powerlifter Annah Jamison From BananaLifts

TAA Episode 6

Had the pleasure of chatting with 72 KG vegan powerlifter Annah Jamison AKA @BananaLifts about nutrition, programming for powerlifting, home workouts during lockdown, supplementation, vegan protein, advocating for social causes and much, much more! Annah is incredibly strong and built most of her strength on a plant based diet. Her best lifts in competition are 145 kg(319 lbs) squat, 85 kg(187 lbs) bench and 182.5 kg(402 lbs) deadlift at 157 lbs bodyweight. Hope you enjoy the video!

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – About Annah
3:15 – Why Annah went vegan
6:00 – About Annah’s coach
7:35 – Annah’s best lifts
9:05 – Training at home as a powerlifter during COVID-19
11:50 – Cost of powerlifting
14:15 – Powerlifting community
15:40 – Eating plant-based as a lifter
18:00 – Were you concerned about losing strength/muscle when going vegan at first?
22:00 – Vegan meals / how we eat as vegan lifters
26:15 – How do non-vegan lifters react when they find out when you’re vegan?
30:00 – Blood tests on a plant based diet
32:15 – If a non-vegan lifter came to you for advice about switching to plant based diet, what advice would you give?
35:00 – Swapping non-vegan for vegan protein sources
37:45 – Diets need to differ from person to person for different goals
39:00 – Carb-fearing
41:30 – Advocating for social causes and how you personally do it
46:45 – Veganism and BLM movement
50:15 – Being authentic through your online presence
51:45 – Advocating for movements in different ways
57:45 – How morphology effects powerlifting
58:30 – How were you working out at home before you got the power rack, plates and barbell?
1:01:00 – Easier to maintain than gain muscle
1:03:00 – Where can people find you on social media?

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