VEGAN PREDATOR – A short parody film


After months and months in the making the Predator parody we’ve been working on is finally here! See what happens when two vegans find themselves face-to-face with an unfamiliar superhuman anti vegan foe and show them the true power of the vegan lifestyle!

This project was a ton of fun to work on. Julien and I originally had the idea of filming a Predator spoof workout video and it quickly evolved into a bit of a narrative including the vegan elements. We thought it’d be hilarious to have an anti-vegan Predator and do a little Scott Pilgrim-esq text battle while we were lifting weights. Definitely a lot of different ideas coming together to this one which made it so fun to work on.

We shot all the footage in a park in NJ after the original location we had planned flopped. We originally scouted out a different park about a half hour away from the one we ended up shooting at but it was too populated when we got there on the day. We found this other location using the All Trails hiking app and it said that the trails were lightly trafficked, which was perfect for what we were looking for. We drove there with all the weights and camera equipment, lugged everything out for upwards of a quarter mile to the specific location we decided to shoot out and got to work!

Julien and I took turns filming each other for the most part and swapped the camera on and off a stabilizer. We had a camera-mounted shotgun mic on my Sony A7SII which made it more difficult to balance the stabilizer which killed some time. We managed to finish shooting everything just before sunset but in our rush to get out of there, I unfortunately left a set of 25 lb weights in the woods! I can only imagine what the person thinks who finds those out there!

Since we were pretty pressed on time, we ended up going with some takes that weren’t ideal but in the end everything worked out. Julien did the VFX work and had to remove quite a few people from the background for the workout montage sequence. He also handled the infrared effects, compositing in the CG predator, the invisible effects for the predator, and all of the text appearing during the battlle with the Predator. I handled the editing, CG animations for the predator, and motion graphics for the retro U.I.

I’m really happy with the way this proect came out especially considering it was just the two of us filming each other in a limited timespan. Can’t wait to get started on the next one!

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