The Aethix Approach – Ep 14 – TheVeganTrainer on Coaching, Men’s Health, Masculinity & Veganism

The Aethix Approach Ep 14

In this episode, I speak with Taylor Patterson AKA The Vegan Trainer, a personal trainer and life coach who specializes in working with others to help improve various aspects of their life above and beyond just physical fitness. Taylor has a unique approach to his coaching that aims to improve various lifestyle facets such as work, social and financial health, to name a few, with the approach that improving each aspect will contribute to overall well-being. Taylor and I discuss his philosophies on this as well as what got him into fitness and strength training, what drew him to veganism over a decade ago, making healthy yet sustainable diet choices, his take on masculinity and how veganism can tie into that and so much more. Taylor is very well-versed in what he does and I particularly love his story about what drew him to going vegan as well as his work in men’s health and views on masculinity. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed our chat!

You can find Taylor at @TheVeganTrainer on Instagram and his coaching services at He also has a YouTube channel and Facebook group under PowerPlantBody.

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00:00 – Intro to Aethix Approach Episode
0:45 – Episode overview
1:30 – Episode start
2:15 – Taylor Patterson (TheVeganTrainer) intro
2:45 – What sort of coaching services do you specialize in?
4:15 – Developing from stereotypical personal training to his current coaching approach
7:00 – Training at local boxing gym, kickboxing
11:15 – What drew you to fitness/lifting?
15:00 – Growing up skateboarding, similarities to lifting weights
19:30 – Bench pressing safety and progression
23:00 – Benefits of building strength
25:15 – Mental practices when hitting new PR’s
30:00 – Ever competed in powerlifting or bodybuilding?
34:00 – Why not compete in bodybuilding? Mental aspects, dieting
37:30 – Individual progression, progressing as an advanced lifter
41:00 – Why Taylor went vegan
46:00 – Lifting and veganism in late 2000’s – How Taylor went about it
48:00 – What’s Taylor’s diet like now?
50:30 – Taylor’s work in men’s health and masculinity
59:30 – How does veganism tie into masculinity?
1:04:00 – Making healthy eating decisions, balancing healthy foods with junk foods for mental/social health
1:07:00 – Where can people find Taylor on social media? What about his coaching services?
1:08:30 – Resources for men’s health
1:10:30 – Episode outro

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