Ep.1 – The Aethix Approach – Ep 1 – Interview with Julien DesRoches (PlantsFormed) How to Get JACKED as a vegan!

TAA Episode 1

Julien DesRoches aka @plantsformed is a vegan athlete from Long Island, New York. He was previously a very successful sprinter who went to nationals and has since then gotten into bodybuilding and strength training. We talk about how he became vegan, what got him into fitness, his fitness journey, supplements and future goals and how others can get great results building muscle as a vegan!

00:00 Intro
01:10 What got you into fitness?
03:23 What was training and nutrition like in the beginning?
04:54 Diet in the beginning?
07:15 How/when did you decide to go vegan?
09:40 When you first went vegan were you expecting to lose muscle?
10:40 What was your training like when going vegan?
11:15 Did veganism change training results at all? Any tips?
12:37 What supplements would you recommend to vegans and vegan lifters specifically?
14:45 Bodyweight, bodyfat and average day of eating
17:28 Daily protein goal and do you use protein powder?
19:45 – Lockdown situation from corona virus – how has it effected you? Current training?
24:30 Personal goals for the future?
26:16 Where can people find you online?

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