Ep.2 – The Aethix Approach – Ep 2 – Interview with Tofu Fitness Family about Raising Their Daughter Vegan and More!


J.D. and Mariia Goldschmidt (tofu_fit_guy and tofu_fit_girl on IG, Tofu Fitness on YouTube) and their daughter Mia are a fit and healthy vegan family of three living in New York City. We sat down and chatted about how and why they went vegan, what it’s been like raising their daughter vegan and how they’ve done it, what their diet is like, favorite restaurants in the city, how to be healthy and fit on a plant based diet and much more! They’re genuinely nice, awesome people and it was super fun chatting with them. Give them a follow on Instagram and YouTube, they put out great content!

Hope you enjoy it and thanks again guys!

1:00 – Intro
4:07 – How long have you been into fitness and what got you into it?
6:18 – What was your diet like before you went vegan?
7:00 – What got you into veganism?
12:55 – What was Mia’s diet like when she was first on a plant based diet until now?
14:00 – Pediatrician’s opinion of Mia eating vegan. Overall health?
16:30 – What does Mia eat in a day?
19:10 – Mia’s favorite foods?
20:35 – How do J.D. and Mariia plan for events for Mia and/or the family in terms of food?
22:10 – Do you get any backlash? What do friends think of it?
26:35 – Vegan pizza!
28:55 – Were we born vegan?!
29:45 – Disconnection between eating meat and the animal
30:50 – Cultural normalcy of eating animal products
31:21 – Does it bother Mia if other kids eat meat?
32:15 – Eating healthy vs. eating junk food – storytime!
34:00 – How did I become vegan?!
35:35 – Going vegan at first as a lifter
37:00 – Favorite vegan restaurants in NYC?
40:15 – Where can people find you on social media?

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