Ep.4 – The Aethix Approach – Ep 4 – Interview with Rose from ThePlantLifeChoseUs About the Importance of Strength Training for Women and More!

TAA Episode 4

Rose from @ThePlantLifeChoseUs is a New Jersey Based, NASM and group training certified vegan trainer who I had the pleasure of chatting with last week! Rose brings some very interesting perspective to how whole food, plant based diets can improve health from first-hand experience, the importance of strength training for women, how fitness can improve your life and much more!

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Rose, and I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

2:00 – Introduction
3:14 – Credentials
4:15 – What got you into fitness and nutrition
6:42 – Training for NYC triathlon which hasn’t been cancelled yet!
10:52 – Anxiety
14:15 – What got you into veganism?
19:15 – How did Rose’s best friends grandparents’ health improve from going plant based
21:03 – How does it make you feel when you hear people deny that foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for heart health?
23:43- Did you believe that animal foods were necessary for fitness/health before? Were you hesitant at all to switch to plant based? Was I?!
30:35 – More fruits and vegetables for health! Reasons for being vegan.
32:35 – Average day of eating?
36:50 – Do you count calories or macros?
39:12 – Fear of carbs
42:23 – Strength training for women to build a nice physique
46:24 – What kind of program would you recommend to a girl wanting to build a great body?
48:05 – What exercises are staple movements?
49:37 – What would you say to a girl who doesn’t want to get “too big”
51:30 – Opinion on the hip thrust
51:55 – Bad form in the gym
53:25 – Leading by example for fitness/veganism
54:45 – Should men and women train differently?
56:45 – Closing remarks
58:17 – Where can people find you on social media?

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