Ep.7 – The Aethix Approach – Ep 7 – Marco Galindo Jr. on his 755 LB Deadlift, Programming, Nutrition &More!

TAA Episode 7

Marco Galindo Jr. is a highly competitive 181 LB vegan powerlifter and entrepreneur who owns several supplement stores and his own line of all vegan supplements and products. In this episode, Marco and I talk about his recent 755 LB deadlift attempt at 180 LBS bodyweight, the state of powerlifting today and aiming for a world record pull in the future, programming for powerlifting, good and bad coaches, nutrition and what he eats, tips for lifters, Marco’s business pursuits, and much more! Hope you all enjoy the episode and please subscribe, like, comment and/or share if you did enjoy it!

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00:00 – Intro to Aethix Approach Episode
01:00 – Intro with Marco
02:28 – Lifting for a while now – how powerlifting has progressed
03:15 – John Haack
06:00 – Deadlift world record in 181 class and Marco’s recent 755 attempt
10:30 – How does Marco feel after that deadlift attempt?
13:50 – How long has Marco been vegan for and why did he go vegan?
18:25 – What was Marco’s approach to switching over to a fully plant-based diet?
20:30 – How much protein does Marco eat?
25:35 – What’s Marco’s training like?
27:40 – Who are some people Marco follows for programming/lifting advice?
30:00 – Mike Israetel and Renaissance Periodization
33:25 – Ed Coan
34:15 – Good coaches and bad coaches and programs
38:55 – Bodybuilding.com forum days and the bro split
40:00 – Planet Fitness and how Marco got introduced to powerlifting
43:35 – Marco’s businesses
45:40 – Starting Vegan Monster Protein with Doyle from Misfits
49:20 – How’s Florida (where Marco lives) doing during COVID19 currently?
52:10 – What supplements does Marco recommend to lifters, particularly vegan lifters?
55:50 – Advice to offer to lifters pursuing strength and body composition goals?
1:00:00 – Finding time for training and Marco’s schedule
1:02:30 – Wrapping up tips Marco has for lifters
1:05:00 – Where can people find Marco on social media and wrap up

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