Ep.3 – The Aethix Approach – Ep 3 – Interview with Cade from PlantBasedPumps about Training Programming and Optimal Nutrition for Building Muscle and Strength as a Vegan

TAA Episode 3

Cade Jones (PlantBasedPumps on Instagram) is a Rhode Island based vegan lifter who focuses on more of a Power-building style training system while juggling training with working 65-70 hour weeks!

Cade noticed a much greater gain in strength and muscle from becoming more knowledgeable about constructing his training programs and focusing more on strength. He also got much stronger and bigger after going plant based and is very knowledgeable when it comes to proper nutrition to build muscle as well as effective programming for strength/muscle gains.

Cade and I discuss the most effective programming methods for size and strength, plant based nutrition and bulking on a plant based diet, how we respond to others who aren’t vegan, the best training and nutrition practices for beginner lifters, and much more! It was a pleasure chatting with Cade and I hope you enjoy and learn something new here! 🙂

Time Stamps:
0:58 – Intro
4:05 – How did you get into fitness?
07:20 – Did you go vegan when switching to powerliting routine?
08:38 – Body weight fluctuations throughout the years
10:25 – Bodybuilding split in the early years of lifting
11:00 – When you switched to strength training or powerlifting programming what happened? Percentage vs. RPE based programming
15:45 – What powerlifting programs have you ran? Coaches?
18:23 – When were you being coached?
19:15 – How coaching helps you progress
22:50 – Adjusting your programming for when gyms open again (from quarantine lockdown)
25:30 – Are you doing all your programming now? What’s it like?
30:30 – Nutrition history – why and when did you switch to vegan?
35:40 – How do we deal with others around us that aren’t vegan?
37:45 – How did going vegan effect your training?
38:45 – Bulking as a vegan
40:40 – Average day of eating on a plant based diet
43:10 – How much protein do you eat a day?
44:28 – How many grams of protein per day would you recommend to others?
49:15 – What would you tell someone to do for training and nutrition if they’re just starting to get into fitness?
55:40 – Where can people find you on social media?

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